• Image of Holistic Tarot Reading
  • Image of Holistic Tarot Reading

Holistic Tarot works had in hand with the Law of Attraction. Tarot and Oracle Cards work off of our energy, and the energies that we are putting out into the Universe. To explain the Law of Attraction simply, it is the Universal Law that states “Like Attracts Like”. This law is governed by thought energy, our beliefs, emotional feelings and responses, and ultimately the decisions we make and actions that we take within our day to day lives.
The reason why Tarot and Oracle Cards can be such an empowering and valuable tool is because they encourage us to examine the energies that we are emanating and what we are likely to attract into our lives, either currently or over time, if we continue to put out those same energies, thoughts, emotions and actions.

You may choose a topic that you would like to know more about such as love, relationships, finances etc. OR I can do a general reading and see what comes up for you.
I will also advise you of any Crystals or Essential Oils that I feel would be beneficial for any emotional healing that may come up for you in your reading.

Once I have completed your reading I will email it to the address given at checkout. If you have a specific topic you would like me to address, please leave a message for me during checkout. Please allow 5-7 days to complete your reading.

**Please note this is not a psychic reading & this type of reading will not predict your future. It will however show you different options available to you based on your current thoughts and emotions & how best to move forward on your journey.