• Image of Purple Fluorite with Hypersthene Macramè Necklace

A handcrafted macrame necklace featuring a purple Fluorite flat stone. Six Hypersthene
crystal beads have been woven into the neckpiece and is made with black cotton cord.

This Necklace measures 18 inches & Is adjustable in length.


Perfect for increasing thought & concentration. Helps you to absorb new information & retain what you have learned. A beautiful dream crystal as it helps to protect the mind during sleep & dream time. Fluorite also brings focus and clarity.

Hypersthene ~

Hypersthene allows us to arrange energy and thought in a more organised manner, so we are able to have a more clear view of the way forward. It is able to calm, ground and balance our energy while also protecting it against negativity. A perfect stone for meditation and inner reflection.

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